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March Madness brings April gladness....

Posted on: March 22, 2008 11:34 pm
Much in the same vain that April showers bring May flowers, March Madness brings April gladness...I want to be perfectly clear about one thing...I don't like college basketball, and I'll tell you why....The one and done rule...Now I understand that this is America and everyone is entitled chart their own course in life, but the one and done rule has killed college basketball....there will be no more Ucla's, lasting dynasties that thrust such names into the basketball lexicon like Alcindor, Walton, and Goodrich among others....There will be no more teams growing up together, teams that grow into what could be possibly an undefeated national championship team, much like the 1976 Indiana Hoosiers of Quinn Buckner, Scott May, and Kent Benson, who was led by Bobby Knight and finished an amazing 32-0...No more teams for the ages such as the 1982 North Carolina Tar Heels led by James Worthy and featuring such players as Sam Perkins and a freshman by the name of Michael Jordan. No, now we're going to read where O.J. Mayo plans to make a pit stop before heading to the NBA. He made USC watchable this year, but honestly, outside of boosting ticket sales and selling a few jerseys has he made a lasting impression for future recruits and fans of USC basketball? Is that 13-14 yr old kid who works for hours on end to improve his outside jumper, thinking as he's launching a 20 footer "I have to nail this, its just one shot closer to getting to USC", I seriously doubt that he is. College basketball's one saving grace is its still a team game, unlike the worthless professional game of the NBA, where outside of Phoenix and possibly Detroit and Boston, its become a boring, unwatchable waste of time due to all the isolation teams run to feature one specific player. At least college basketball will be over soon, to be replaced by the great game of baseball. I know the season officially starts March 25th when the Red Sox take on the A's in Japan, but April is still the month where optimism reigns supreme in every Major League baseball city in America (with the exception of St.Louis, where, they'll be lucky to get 74 wins this season....gotta love that).

And finally........I saw a commercial on television the other day that made me chuckle....and I chuckled for reasoning that might seem odd to
some people.....It was a commercial for, I believe , Fidelity Investments. In it Dennis Hopper is talking on and on about dreams and his generation etc.etc. and I thought to myself, ya know, Tom Brokaw named the men and Women who served our country during world war 2, "the greatest generation"...and I believe that....we've had generation X....we have a name for every generation that's come down the pike since Julius Caesar....and I thought to myself, the generation that Dennis Hopper belongs to could be called the generation of sell least people like Dennis Hopper are sell a time of free love and free drugs and other happenings that are and will forever be exclusive just to the 1960's...Dennis Hopper railed against the war in Vietnam, decried corporate America, and promoted resistance against the government.....Ideals any true blue American liberal such as myself could be proud to stand behind....The war in Iraq is a corporate Jihad enabled and promoted by a corrupt yet inept administration in Washington....and everything in our daily lives have a corporate stamp on it.....right down to the food we eat .....raised on corporate farms....funny how Dennis Hopper forgot his values when he made that commercial for fidelity investments.....must've been running late......had to get to the bank.....
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